Metal Recycling Solutions

We can collect metal for recycling FREE of charge across Essex



It’s important to remember that the environmental impact of extracting and producing metals is huge. Recycling metal produces a fraction of the fuel and environmental impact compared to manufacturing metal from scratch. Which is why we want to make getting rid of your metal waste as simple and stress free as possible so we offer the free following options:

  1. Collect your metal for recycling free of charge
  2. Provide you with a free skip 
  3. Drop your scrap metal to us, again free of charge

When we receive your metal waste, whether it’s from a scrap yard or one of our domestic customers, our dedicated team will separate the different types of metals which will then be sent for further recycling. This helps divert the waste from going to the landfill unnecessarily and allows scrap metal to be returned for use in manufacturing industries.

We accept reclaimed iron, cast iron, aluminium, copper, brass and lead from Chelmsford, Clacton and the rest of Essex. Due to our recycling facilities we’re also able to accept steel, cables and cars for recycling.

If you’d like further information about our metal recycling services, our Clacton and Chelmsford based recycling centres or if you simply want us to collect your metal waste then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01245 466646.


Hazardous Metal Recycling

The only metals which are not recyclable are hazardous metals, such as Uranium and Plutonium however, we don’t really expect to see much of this radioactive materials in Essex.

As well as the above metals, Mercury is also classed as hazardous which is sometimes found in thermometers, barometers and fluorescent lights which we can dispose of safely.

The most commonly used hazardous metal is lead which is classed as hazardous if it is ingested or inhaled.

Lead acid batteries for example need to disposed of safely as they pose an environmental risk in liquid form which is another product Dunmow Group can arrange safe disposal of.