Scrap Cable Recycling

Dunmow Group recycles scrap cabling which we purchase at competitive prices in Essex.  If you are looking to sell large quantities of cabling, get in touch with us today.

For Pricing Call 01245 444888

Scrap Cables Essex

We accept both small and large amounts of cables at our Essex depots. Our dedicated team closely monitor the metal prices to ensure our customers receive the best rates.

Our state of the art facilities means we’re able to recycle the non-ferrous metal found in the cables and wires, which means we’re able to recover all the metals found in them. By recycling these wires (and the metals found in them) means you’re doing your part to help protect the environment and offset your carbon emission.

If you are an electrician or IT provider we will happily purchase all your scrap cabling at competitive prices.

At our recycling facilities we will accept all grades of cables, so if you’re interested in using this service then you can give our dedicated team a call on 01245 444888 and find out some more information.


Scrap Cable Prices Essex

We’ve invested money into our weighbridge facilities to ensure that we can precisely measure the quantity of cables you bring to us. That means that we can give our customers the best possible price for their scrap cables.

Due to our size and location we’re able to easily collect scrap cables from anywhere in the county, free of charge. We also have a range of containers in different sizes so you can easily dispose of your cables.

If you're interested in recycling your scrap cables with us on a regular basis then we suggest opening a Trade Account, call our team today on 01245 444888 to find out more information. 

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