Scrap Metal Recycling

Dunmow Group accepts all types of metal into any one of our three scrap yards across Essex; Chelmsford, Colchester and Clacton. Thanks to our state of the art weighbridge facility we can precisely weigh how much metal you’ve brought, meaning an unbeatable price for our customers. 

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Metal Recycling Essex

Dunmow Group are able to accept all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for scrap metal recycling. We have three scrap yards across Essex; Chelmsford, Colchester and Clacton. We have built a strong and trusted reputation within our community and the whole of Essex with over 30 years of experience, unbeatable customer service and knowledge like no other.

We accept scrap metal from the general public as well as commercial businesses. So if you are an electrician with cable, a plumber with brass and copper or a fabricator with iron we can recycle your scrap metal for you.

Our central scrap yard in based in Chelmsford, which operates with a state of the art weighbridge facility. With the metals area separate from our waste transfer station, this allows us and our customers free-flowing access to all vehicles entering in and out the scrap yard resulting in no queues behind other tipping vehicles.

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How Does Metal Recycling Work

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Find your nearest scrap yard

We have three scrap yards across Essex; Chelmsford, Colchester and Clacton. To scrap your metal at our yard you need to provide a photo ID, so please bring along your drivers license or passport and a utility bill with your current address.

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Weigh your metals

We can accurately measure how much metal has been brought into us. If you have a large amount of ferrous scrap metal, we can weigh the metal whilst still in your vehicle on our weighbridge; we also have smaller weighing scales if you have a smaller load of non-ferrous scrap metal. 

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We pay you

Once we have weighed your metal and given you our competitive pricing, we can offer you a same-day payment with an instant bank transfer directly paid into your bank account. We are currently working on issuing BREAD mastercards- we will keep you updated o when this payment method is complete. 

Find our scrap metal yard closest to you

Dunmow Group Chelmsford
Call: 01245 444888

Waste & Recycling Centre
7 Regiment Business Park
Eagle Way, Chelmsford

Dunmow Group Clacton
Call: 01245 444888

Waste Transfer Station
Gorse Lane Industrial Estate,
1 Stephenson Road, Clacton-On-Sea,
CO15 4XA

Dunmow Group Colchester
Call: 01245 444888

Waste & Recycling Centre
Morses Lane,
Brightlingsea, Essex


We can collect your scrap metal!

One of the main problems our customers face when wanting to scrap their metal is being able to transport it to our yard. Large quantities of metal are extremely heavy making it difficult to move. We have a range of suitable vehicles on site, making it easy to come and collect your scrap metal. 

If you find you have a large quantity of metal and can't get it to us, give us a call and we will be happy to come and collect it from you.

You can also call our metals team with any general enquiries or pricing information. If you are opening an account under a company name, you will be required to complete an account opening form.

Please contact us and we can email this to you prior to your journey - 01245 444888.

We take all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals


Scrap Copper

It doesn't matter whether you have a small or large quantity of copper, we accept any quantity at our weighbridge for further recycling. 

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Stainless Steel

Steel is the most popular metal to be recycled as it doesn't lose any of its properties once melted down. Call us for more information.

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Scrap Brass

If you have scrap brass that you're looking to recycle, you can bring it to any of our Essex depots where your scrap metal will be recycled.


Scrap Aluminium

We accept all grades of aluminium at any of our Essex depots. We can precisely measure the amount for an unbeatable price.

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