Copper Recycling

Dunmow Group recycles all forms of copper which we purchase at competitive prices in Essex.  If you are looking to sell copper based products, get in touch with us today.

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Scrap Copper Recycling Essex

Dunmow Group are established as the most trusted provider of Copper recycling services in Essex having been established for over 30 years.

We recycle copper which can be found in so many applications such as piping, wiring and copper tubing.

As with most metals it is considerably cheaper to recycle copper than to extract it, particularly as it is a finite resource with only 3KG of copper being produced from 1000KG of copper ore.

Copper can command as much as 90% of its original value in its raw form, for example, with no insulation as it is much more difficult to remove and sort the pure copper.

With copper recycling being so prevalent across the world, it keeps prices at affordable levels.  With such high demand for copper due to its versatile uses in so many electrical products, recycling copper ensures consumers benefit financially.

For the latest prices based on the quantity of copper you have available to purchase, please get in touch with the team who'll be happy to help with your enquiry on 01245 444888.


Copper Scrap Essex

Dunmow Group actively purchase all types of copper for recycling at dedicated facilities in Essex.

If you  have a supply of copper for recycling, please get in touch today where we can not only offer you great prices but also provide instant payment, a trusted relationship and fast and efficient collection and disposal.

Call today on 01245 444888.

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