Scrap Iron Recycling

Dunmow Group recycles scrap iron which we purchase at competitive prices in Essex.  If you are looking to sell large quantities of scrap iron, get in touch with us today.

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Scrap Iron Essex

If you have built up a large quantity of scrap iron then you’re most likely looking for a quick and efficient way to get rid of it and receive the best price possible.

Here at Dunmow group we accept all different grades of iron into our facility. If you’re unable to get the scrap iron to us then we’ll be able to arrange collection of your metal free of charge to take to our weighbridge facility.

By choosing to recycle your scrap iron with us then you’re helping us to preserve natural resources, here at Dunmow Group we aim to recycle up to 100% of your recyclable waste.

As environmental policies are beginning to tighten choosing to recycle your scrap metal is a great way to offset some of your carbon emissions, whilst being more economically conscious as less energy is required to produce a metal.

Not only that, but by choosing to recycle your scrap iron means there is less damage to the environment as fewer quarries and mines are required.

If you are a builder or demolition contractor we can provide the latest prices based on the quantity of scrap iron you have available to purchase, please get in touch with the team who'll be happy to help with you enquiry on 01245 444888.


Iron Scrap Price

We all know that recycling metal is a far more suitable option but it can be extremely difficult to transport large quantities of metal without the right equipment. To do it correctly takes time, man power and large vehicles.

Thankfully Dunmow Group can help with this, due to our size and location we’re able to quickly come and collect your scrap metal. We have a range of different sized containers to help store your scrap metals whilst you collect them, which have lockable options and doors.

If you have large quantities of scrap iron that you need recycling then don't hesitate to call our team today on 01245 444888 who will be happy to help. 

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