Why is professional site clearance important?

Grace Harper
Oct 1, 2020 3:41:10 PM

Site clearance is important for any construction or demolition project. If you’re preparing a site ready for a future construction project, it's important to make sure the site is clear of all hazards, waste or obstacles. There could also be hazardous materials underground or environmental factors such as Japanese Knotweed which is why our professional site clearance service could be the right choice for you.

The best equipment

One way to guarantee the safe removal of waste and rubble is by having the right equipment, as you’ll be able to significantly minimise the risks and have the site prepared in a shorter period of time. There are specific processes used to remove certain types of waste and choosing a professional site clearance service means the right machinery, tools and equipment will be used and operated by fully trained personnel.


There was a time when landfill was the first choice for waste from construction sites. Thankfully the UK has acknowledged the negative environmental impact of landfill, which has resulted in most waste carriers aiming to recycle between 90-100% of their collected waste, including the materials removed during professional site clearance.

Previously we’ve spoken about the impact of fly-tipping and how important it is to choose a licensed waste carrier. This ensures that all waste removed from the site is disposed of through the correct channels, diverting away from landfill. Using a professional site clearance company means all projects, no matter how big or small, will ensure that waste does not end up in landfill. This gives customers peace of mind that their waste will be disposed of responsibly. 


Saving Time

Site clearance is an important step in any construction project, and when you don’t have the experience you can miss certain details, and concentrate on not so important ones. If you choose to clear the site yourself there could be delays whilst you learn what needs to be removed and how to do so. In some cases you may even overlook something that causes major delays further into the project, causing avoidable extra costs.

By choosing a professional site clearance service that uses strict procedures ensures that every part of your site is inspected and cleared before you begin work. By completing a site survey all waste and materials that need to removed are identified and the correct machinery, relevant paperwork, and relevant plans made for transportation and disposal. Professional site clearance can help avoid any nasty surprises in the future.

By choosing a professional site clearance allows you to focus on other parts of the project.

Right Side of the Law

We’ve previously spoken about the devastating effects that fly-tipping has on the environment, and the steps you can take to avoid falling victim to it. Fly-tipping happens when someone hires a company, who they believe are reputable, to dispose the waste generated during site clearance legally. The waste is taken away and usually dumped on the side of the road, the waste can then be traced back to the original owner (you, the paying customer) and they are subsequently fined.

This can be easily avoided as long as you check the waste company has a valid waste carriers license and can show this license on demand. That way you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your waste is being disposed of legally.

Hazardous Waste

Site clearance can often include the collection and disposal of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste can range from stored fuels in drums, asbestos, contaminated soil, chemicals and much more. By choosing a professional muck away and site clearance service, carried out by a waste carrier with a valid license, you can be confident they will handle this waste for you. The waste will then be removed, transported and disposed of in line with the regulations and a consignment note will be given to you.

If you find hazardous waste on your site it is extremely important you choose a professional site clearance service, this will ensure the safety of you, your employees and anyone else who may come in contact with the hazardous waste.

If you need more information on site clearance or are looking for some advice then don’t hesitate to give our site clearance team a call on 01245 466646 who will be happy to help.


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