Recycle Week 2020 - Construction Waste

Grace Harper
Sep 24, 2020 3:15:00 PM

With this week being Recycle Week we thought we’d share with you how we recycle the construction waste that comes into our Chelmsford waste transfer and recycling centre. 

What is Recycle Week?

Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling which is organized by WRAP under the Recycle Now brand. When organising the theme this year Recycle Now aims to thank everyone for continuing to recycle despite the circumstances that 2020 has brought to us, whilst also thanking the hardworking keyworkers who continued to work whilst the rest of the world slowed down and stopped. 

What are one of the ways in which we recycle?

You may have spotted a few of our social posts during the last few weeks which highlight the ways in which we recycle some of the waste that comes into our recycling centre. It’s common for us to receive high volumes of construction waste on a daily basis. The challenge for us was to find a way in which we can recycle this waste and prevent it from going to landfill. 

Thanks to our state of the art crushing and screening machinery we’re able to repurpose this construction waste into smaller materials and send this material back into the construction industry. Our crushing and screening machines turn big bits of material into smaller pieces which is then sorted into batches of similarly sized materials. 

These new smaller pieces of materials are called Aggregates, and you’re most likely familiar with what they are, but for those that aren’t aggregates are most commonly used in the construction industry. More specifically aggregates are used for mixing with cement to form concrete or mortar. The aggregates give volume, stability and resistance to stand against erosion and wear. 

By producing these aggregates through our crushing and screening machines we’re able to help the construction industry keep their carbon footprint low. There are 3 different types of aggregates that we’re able to recycle our construction waste into: 

1. Primary aggregates
2. Recycled aggregates
3. Clean aggregates

If you’re interested in purchasing aggregates from us then please check out our aggregates page HERE and get in contact with our team on 01245 466646 to find out more information. 

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