Hints and tips for your half-term clear out

Grace Harper
Oct 14, 2020 1:41:09 PM

With the half term approaching and the winter nights starting to creep in, you start to notice a mysterious pile of rubbish beginning to pile up. Suddenly it dawns on you, you’re in need of an Autumn clear out. It happens to us all, summer has flown by (albeit a strange one) and you’ve ended up with more rubbish than household items.

Everyone dreads starting that Autumn clear out and often the one thing that puts you off is having to dispose of the rubbish pile you’ve just created. It takes a lot of effort to sort the rubbish into same materials, transporting the rubbish to the tip is a logistical nightmare and not to mention having to follow the very specific rules of your local tip resulting in a not so quick trip to the tip. 

What if we told you that you didn’t have to dispose of the rubbish yourself? You could just whizz through that Autumn clear out, dispose of what you like and someone else will sort through the rubbish for you and ensure it’s recycled?

By hiring a skip your rubbish will be taken to our state of the art recycling centre where your rubbish will be sorted and recycled. We aim to recycle up to 100% of your recyclable waste, which gives you peace of mind and more importantly more time to spend doing what you want. We've put together some hints and tips to help you tackle your clear-out this half-term! 

  1. Mentally prepare for how much time you're willing to give to this - there's nothing worse than starting a job and not having enough time to finish.
  2. What's your strategy  - are you going to use strong bin bags, cardboard boxes or hire a skip to help dispose of the waste?
  3. Work out a system on where each item of rubbish is going to go - do you have a space for clothes, shoes, saleable furniture and garden cuttings?
  4. Find someone who might be able to help you - sometimes we become emotionally attached to old things and not realise it!
  5. Take as many coffee breaks as you need, clear-outs can be a lengthy process.
  6. Try not to get too distracted.

Booking a skip with us has never been easier, you can use our Online Booking to book your skip or you can call our dedicated team on 01245 466646 who will be happy to help and guide you with what size would be appropriate. They’ll also offer advice on our other services if they deem them to be more appropriate such as waste collection.


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