How much is a skip to hire? What should I look out for?

Charlotte Fox
Oct 4, 2021 11:35:46 AM

How much is a skip to hire? What should I look out for?

There are a few things to consider when you are hiring a skip. You have to think about what skip size you require, knowing what items you can and can't put into it as well as knowing if you want the skip to be placed on private or council-owned property. We have broken this all down for you so you know how much skip hire from Dunmow Group will cost you and what you should look out for.

While ordering your skip is simple, we want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, saving you from frustrations on the day of delivery and collection. To help you assess whether it’s possible for us to deliver a skip to your address, see our access requirement guide.

How much is a skip to hire?

The price of a skip depends on a few different factors, here at Dunmow Group, we have an online booking platform for our skip hire and waste collection services where you can check all of our pricing online. You can also call our customer service team, who can let you know the costings and help with any queries you may have.

We break our skip hire pricing down by the size of the skip you need and the location you would like the skip delivered to. The overall price includes delivery, collection, rental, and disposal of waste charges, making it simple.

The price of a skip can also alter depending on how long you would like the hire period to be, our domestic skip hires are for 14 days. If you need your skip collected early, we can come and collect at your convenience or if it overruns you can call us to discuss extension times which would have an extra charge.


Where can my skip be placed? Will I need a permit?

Next, you need to think about where you want your skip to be placed. If the skip is being placed outside of your private property and on a council-owned road or land you will be required to obtain a permit from the local council. This is something we can arrange for you and usually takes five working days to receive. We also supply lights and cones for safety of other road users. 

What can and can't I put into my skip?

It's important you think about what type of waste you are disposing of. Although you can put almost anything in a skip, there are exceptions. We have a helpful guide what you can and can't put into a skip.

How high can I fill up my skip?

All skips can only be filled to the top level of the container, overfilling a skip will cause the vehicle to exceed it's weight limit. It's also dangerous for overloaded skips to be transported on the road, your waste could fly off the back of the vehicle in transit back to the waste transfer station. If we arrive and your skip is too full, the driver will ask you to remove some of the waste. 


Do I need to be at home for my skip delivery or collection?

No! You don't need to be at home for the delivery or collection of your skip. If you have any special requirements about where on the drive you would like it placed or if you will need to move cars upon collection, we can take these details from you and let the driver know on the day!

We hope this gives you more knowledge about what you should look out for when hiring a skip as well as the costings. We deliver our skips across the whole of Essex, with over 30 years of experience. You can call one of our customer service advisors who can offer you further advice on 01245 466646.

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