Preparing For You Skip Hire Delivery

While ordering your skip is simple, we want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, saving you from frustrations on the day of delivery and collection. To help you assess whether it’s possible for you to make use of a skip on your drive, road, lane or cul-de-sac, see our access requirement guide.



We have three different vehicles which you might see arriving on your road, depending on the service we’re providing. There are Skip lorries, Roll-on roll-off lorries and Grab lorries, the dimensions of which you can see here.

Lorry Type Length Width Height Mirror to Mirror
Skip Lorry 6.8m 2.6m 3.6m 2.9m
Roll On Roll Off 9.2m 2.6m 3.6m 3.2m
Grab Lorry 9.2m 2.6m 3.6m 3.2m


Be sure to check the vehicle for the service you need can fit on your road using these measurements - it can cause long delays if we cannot gain access on your road. If you think our vehicles won’t fit on your street, let us know and we’ll help you find a solution.

Remember: a normal skip lorry and a roll on roll off lorry will also require some additional space behind the vehicle to offload the skip.


One often overlooked aspect of vehicle access is the height of vehicles. Some of our vehicles are quite tall, and may require additional room overhead for the movement of a grab arm. Check the overhead space in your street and let us know if you think overhead obstacles will be an issue and we can make arrangements to overcome these issues.


An extremely dangerous overhead hazard - we must ensure the height and reach of our vehicles won’t be impeded by cables - usually phone cables, but these could be power lines or overhead cables.  Trees on your road might seem harmless in everyday life, but if they block the access of a vehicle it could create a hazard for your neighbours, the public and our drivers.



At certain times of the day you might think your road has enough space for our vehicles, but have you considered parked cars? One of the main reasons we fail to gain access is because there are parked cars making the road narrower.

Be sure that at the busiest time of the day, at the busiest point on your road, there is at least 3.5m of width for our vehicles to pass through. Whether this is further down your road or directly outside your house, if our vehicles can’t pass we can’t make the collection or delivery.



If the road you live on doesn’t have a through-route, you’ll need to consider the turning space required for our vehicles - especially important if you are on a cul-de-sac. Again, we will consider parked cars when thinking about whether there is room for our lorries to manoeuvre.

This is helpful for our drivers to know before they attempt a collection or delivery. It’s also helpful as we’ll avoid annoying your neighbours, who might find themselves blocked in otherwise.



While most driveways are suitable for holding a skip, you must consider your own driveway and whether it can take the load; poor quality driveways could see permanent damage otherwise.

Similarly, if you know you have manholes or drainage points, ensure they are protected, as they could buckle or collapse under the weight of a loaded skip.

By informing us of these potential issues when booking your skip, we can help you avoid delays in service and damage to your property.



A common mistake people make is leaving their gate locked, so when our team arrive, we can’t gain access to your property to make the delivery or collection.

Ensure that the day your skip is due to arrive or be collected, you leave the gate open - this includes small iron gates. Also, bear in mind the size of any skip and whether it will pass through the width of your gateway.



Is your driveway adjoined to your neighbours’? It’s worth ensuring that any skip you’d like to hire will fit on your side without getting in the way of your neighbour. If you’re friends with your neighbour, they may even let you use their side of the driveway as well as yours, but be sure to check first.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to consult with your neighbour before you book a skip, as this can help to prevent issues arising further down the line.

Can’t use your driveway? Let us know if you need you skip placing on a road or public highway as we can help arrange for a permit from the local authorities.


To ensure you get the best service possible, please factor all of these issues into your plans before booking any of our services.

We’re always happy to help and want your experience with us to go as smoothly as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

The more details you provide us with, the more we can do to make alternative arrangements where possible.