Dunmow Waste join largest carnival in Essex!

Simon George
Feb 3, 2020 12:29:49 PM

Each September, Great Dunmow hosts a family-friendly carnival which includes a traditional procession, show-ground events, a variety of stalls, delicious food and drink stands, a free evening concert and a stunning fireworks display.


The morning of the carnival, the Dunmow Waste team decorated the skip lorries with balloons, bunting and other eye-attracting decorations for the big procession.  Magic and Mystic Creatures was the chosen theme for this year, all of the vehicles and floats that took part were decorated brightly for the crowd.

Just at the entrance to the carnival, we showcased our Dunmow Waste Management Pink Flower Bed Skip for all to see.


With the Great Dunmow high street buzzing with spectators, our little Dunmow helpers carried buckets throughout the procession to collect money for the chosen charities: Dementia AdventureUttlesford Community Travel and Action for Family Carers.

After walking through the streets of Dunmow, there was also entertainment for all family including a Ferris wheel, fairground rides, live entertainment and bands! We want to thank all of the carnival committee (made up of volunteers!) who took the time to organise the carnival and procession, we had an amazing time!


The Great Dunmow Carnival ended with a bang, finishing the amazing day off with a fireworks display. We can’t wait to be part of the 2020 carnival!

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