Army and Navy Flyover Removal

Emma Knight
Feb 12, 2020 3:57:56 PM

Iconic Army and Navy flyover in Chelmsford, Essex, is due for demolition starting this week. It will make way for a new road scheme to improve congestion entering and leaving the City.

Built in 1978 the flyover was a temporary structure, expected to last for four years. But the road was closed last year after an inspection found it to be unsafe. Work started this week to pull down the flyover and will take place over three weeks.

Kevin Bentley, the cabinet member for infrastructure, said: "The Army and Navy flyover has been a well-known feature of the Chelmsford skyline for 40 years and its removal will be a historic milestone for the city.

"The Army and Navy is a crucial gateway to Chelmsford and we are also continuing to assess potential options for a long-term solution at the junction."

Clarke Demolition Company Ltd has been contracted by Essex County Council to remove and demolish the Army and Navy. 

Dunmow Group has a range of services to support all demolition projects to ensure that as much waste from the demolition projects are recycled. Dunmow is proud to be working in its local community, helping to renovate and rebuild various parts of Essex.

Ed Barnes, CEO Dunmow Group, said: “Like many local businesses, we hope that the replacement scheme for the Army and Navy roundabout will ease congestion and enable faster commuting and transport.”

Dunmow Waste Management has extensive experience of working with a range of demolition contractors to sustainably recycle waste generated from projects like the Army and Navy removal. Contact us to discuss your demolition waste requirements.


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