Launch Of Waste Logics Operational Platform

Simon George
Feb 3, 2020 12:28:38 PM

Dunmow Waste Management has made a significant investment into a new cloud based platform. Supporting our group operations including our skip hire operation in Chelmsford, Essex.

We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with Waste Logics to deliver a cloud-based paperless management system that will not only help reduce our environmental footprint but will assist in the efficient routing of our vehicles. Dynamic routing is particularly important in reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the miles a skip lorry or other vehicle needs to travel. Being the largest skip hire company in Chelmsford, Essex we must remain as efficient as possible.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Paperless transactions including transfer notes and invoices
  • Instant access to all the information and documents through an online portal.
  • Live updates and delivery notices before your service arrives.
  • A faster more customer-focused service that enables us to monitor jobs and identify problems before they arise.
  • Reduction in our carbon footprint and a saving of around 4 tons of paper a year.

As Dunmow Waste Management and Dunmow Group continues to grow its skip hire operation from Chelmsford as well as its waste management services. This investment ensures that customers remain at the forefront of our business. The reduction of paper was a significant part of our ISO14001 environmental policy plan.

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