Dunmow Group Announce Exciting New Sponsorship with Clacton Golf Club

Grace Harper
Sep 2, 2020 11:29:00 AM

Dunmow Group are pleased to announce our new exciting sponsorship of Clacton Golf Club. 

Having recently expanded into Clacton On Sea, we were delighted to receive the invitation to sponsor Clacton Golf Club. The quality 18 hole golf course was founded in 1892 when a small group of golfing enthusiasts leased 40 acres of grazing land close to the town centre, and created 9 holes.

After 4 years the land was taken back for residential development purposes and the golf club moved to the other side of town. Initially the club leased 50 acres of land but due to the success of the club they were able to lease another 50 acres and turn the course from a 9 hole course to an 18 hole course.


We look forward to seeing where this sponsorship will take us in the future and continuing to support the residents and businesses of Clacton On Sea and the surrounding areas with their waste management.

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