Dunmow Group Install Automatic Fire Suppression To Vehicle Fleet

Emma Knight
Sep 9, 2020 12:30:00 PM

Here at Dunmow Group, keeping our staff and our site safe are a top priority. So too is keeping our facility operating, which means protecting the vehicles that we rely on to lift, move and separate all of the waste that we process around our recycling centre, from fire.

Static and mobile plant are really put through their paces in our industry. Often first in the processing line to come into contact with waste, they bare the brunt of the effects of waste that, in many instances, hasn’t been correctly disposed of. The most common fire risks are:

  • Lithium batteries accidentally going through a shredder
  • Scratching concrete creating sparks
  • Shredder sparks igniting nearby waste
  • Incompatible wastes mixing together to cause spontaneous combustion
  • Self-heating waste
  • Unspent gas canisters
  • Mishandled materials

As well as the threat of fire from mishandled waste, heavy plant are the workhorses of every waste management, making the them susceptible to engine fires. Which is why here at Dunmow Group we install automatic fire suppression to the vehicles that operate on our site.

For us, selecting a fire suppression system that is specifically made for protecting vehicles operating in a waste management environment is really important. So too is making sure any system has been tested and accredited to protect our vehicles without fail, even if they work around the clock. That’s why we chose Fireward.

Fireward’s system is P-Mark accredited and A+ rated, which means it has been tested to replicate the conditions it will encounter at an operation such as Dunmow Group when installed on one of our vehicles. It also detects fire automatically, which means we don’t need to rely on our operators to spot and tackle fire, as the system takes care of it within seconds.

In installing Fireward systems, we’re protecting our people and our assets 24/7. Meaning we can continue to provide the high level of safety and service our staff and customers expect of Dunmow Group. For more information on fire suppression systems for waste management companies, you can visit the Fireward website


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