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Emma Knight
Mar 3, 2020 5:34:42 PM

If you think back to the 1980s and consider the advancements in technology, transport, environmental protection and the expansion of Chelmsford after receiving City status; from the outside skip hire companies haven’t changed dramatically. But take a look at Dunmow Group and it tells a different story.

Skips are still the same shape, they've predominantly remained yellow for high visibility and the design of the loading and unloading of the skip lorries hasn’t changed much in all those years. Although health and safety and driver comfort has improved for the betterment of both customers, staff and other road users.

The most significant notable change is the positive impact the skip hire industry has on the environment. Up to 100% of recyclable waste currently collected in skips is recycled, including plastics, metals, cardboard and wood. Recycling the majority of skip waste collected in Essex reduces the strain on natural resources and provides environmental sustainability, as the emissions produced when manufacturing new products is far greater than when producing products from recycled materials.

In addition to the recycling benefits, vehicle technology and production have moved on significantly. Gone are the days of huge plumes of smoke billowing out of lorry exhausts, we now have fuel efficient, low emission skip lorries producing up to 46% fewer emissions which you can read more about in our blog where we talk all about our new, safe, low emission skip lorries

Dunmow Group has been providing skip hire to domestic households across Chelmsford for over 30 years. Our growth has included a rebrand, a facility move to Chelmsford and a transfer station that saw us handle over 150,000 tonnes of waste last year. But we remain a family run business committed to providing high levels of customer service, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Health & Safety has improved! Our skips are still yellow.
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Our promise of recycling 100% of recyclable material collected in our Chelmsford skips means we are helping Chelmsford residents and the rest of Essex in the battle against everything from plastic pollution to cleaner air by recycling wood and metal which reduces the environmental impact of production processes and the burning of fossil fuels.  

With our Chelmsford waste management facility located along Essex Regiment Way, skip hire in Chelmsford has never been easier and more cost-effective for customers. Skip hire in Chelmsford allows us to keep our costs to an absolute minimum when delivering to Chelmsford residents resulting in cheap skip hire across the City.

Our skips come in a range of sizes to suit any waste clearance project in Chelmsford.

For small household clear outs, we would recommend a 2 yard skip, 4 yard skip or 6 yard skip. Skips are measured in cubic yards so although skips are referred to in yards, this isn’t the length, it is the capacity. Full details of the actual measurements can be found on our skip sizes page.

For larger projects such as kitchen or bathroom replacement or the removal of soil for foundations for a new extension or laying a patio, we would recommend an 8 yard skip, 12 yard skip, 14 yard skip or 16 yard skip.

Our largest skips are known as roll on roll off skips, or RORO for short. These are for commercial building sites or large scale waste disposal and demolition projects. These are available in 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss hiring a skip in Chelmsford or anywhere in Essex and we’ll be happy to help get your project underway. Either call 01245 466646 or BOOK ONLINE.

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