The Journey Of A Dunmow Skip...

Charlotte Fox
Jun 10, 2021 3:49:33 PM

Have you ever wondered about what happens to all those items you once threw out from your household clearance? It's something we have been asked about quite a few times before so read on and we can share with you the Dunmow process! Remember, you can trust us!

The Delivery.
You can book our skips online or use the traditional method of phoning our team at Dunmow HQ. Once you have chosen the size of your skip, selected a day for delivery and placed an order, we will process the booking according to the delivery notes, which will include where the skip should be placed and any other special requirements.1

The Collection.
Our standard hire period is 14 days; during this time, you can load it with whatever rubbish you have, whether this is garden, household or even demolition waste, but there are exceptions, so please check out what you can/can't put into a skip.

Once you told us what day/time you wish to have the skip collected. Please ensure the access to the skip is clear for our drivers; although you don't have to be present for the collection. A driver will load it back onto one of our trucks and drive it back to one of our fully licensed and accredited recycling and transfer stations, located at Chelmsford, Colchester or Clacton. 2

The Sorting Process.
Once we arrive at one of our recycling centres, the skip will be lifted off the back of the lorry, and the contents poured onto the general waste pile inside the recycling shed. Our machinery will then sort through the waste, pe-picking and segmenting the more oversized recyclable items into piles by material.


Our in-house team pick out items according to their material, such as metals, wood, plastics and hardcore aggregates. These are then dropped down the shoots into individual bays full of the same material.


The End Destination.
Once we have encountered enough of the same product, this is then sent onto the next stage of processing, which is where our artic lorries will then transport the segmented waste type across the country. Here at Dunmow, we work with a range of specialist recycling companies that focus on one type of material. There are many uses for the types of waste that we recycle, for example, wood can be turned into animal bedding or metals into tin cans.


There will be some leftover waste that can’t be recycled, although we can assure you that less than 2% of our waste goes to landfill. At Dunmow Group we are a responsible waste management company and are committed to minimising our environmental impact, supporting our local communities and helping our clients meet sustainable targets. You can always call us for any more recycling information: 01245 466646.

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