Scrap Metal Recycling

Dunmow Group accepts all types of metal into any one of our Chelmsford scrap yards in Essex. Thanks to our state of the art weighbridge facility we can precisely weigh how much metal you've brought, meaning an unbeatable price for our customers.  Call today for more information.

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Essex Scrap 


Scrap Copper 

It doesn't matter whether you have a small quantity of copper or large, we'll accept any quantity at our weighbridge.


Stainless Steel

 Steel is the most popular metal to be recycled because it doesn't lose any of its properties once melted down.  Call today for more information.


Scrap Brass

If you have scrap brass that you're looking to recycle, you can bring any amount to our Essex depots where your metal will be recycled. 


Scrap Aluminium

 We accept all grades of aluminium at any one of our Essex depots. We can precisely measure the amount for an unbeatable price.


Metal Recycling Essex

Dunmow Group are able to accept all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals into any one of our Essex depots. Our state of the art weighbridge facilities can precisely measure how much metal has been brought to us, meaning unbeatable prices for our customers. 

No matter how much you bring to us, whether its small or large, you will receive a competitive price for your scrap metal. If you find that you have a large quantity of scrap metal and are unable to get it to us, please give us a call on 01245 444888 and we'll be happy to come and collect from you. 

As environmental responsibilities are continuing to rise our scrap metal service is a great way to offset your carbon emissions and make some money doing so. 


What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metal?

Simply put, ferrous metal contains iron whereas non-ferrous metal does not. If you wanted to go into more detail then ferrous metals contain a much high concentration of carbon compared to non-ferrous. By having large concentrations of carbon means that ferrous metals are more vulnerable to rust when exposed to moisture. Ferrous metals are also magnetic which makes them great for motor and electrical applications.

Ferrous metals tend to hold a lower value compared to non-ferrous metals, this is because those with no iron content (non-ferrous) are resistant to corrosion. However, customers are still welcome to come and recycle their ferrous scrap metal at our state of the art metal recycling centre.

Dunmow Group accepts scrap metal from the general public, commercial customers and other scrap metal merchants in or around Essex. As we're able to recycle scrap metal our customers are given the chance to cash in on their waste materials, we accept wiring and equipment from Electricians, copper piping and brass from Plumbers and scrap metal from other merchants.

Our dedicated team keep a close eye on metal prices to ensure a fair price, combine this with our state of the art weighbridge facilities we're able to precisely measure just how much metal you've brought to us. You can drop off at our Essex depots or we'll happily come and collect, anywhere in the county.

Scrap Metal Collection Essex

One of the main problems our customers face when removing scrap metal is being able to transport the metal. Large quantities of metal are extremely heavy making it difficult to transport, however, we can help with this issue. With a range of containers and a large selection of heavy machinery, we can easily come to collect your scrap metal and take it to our yard. If you’re having difficulty transporting your waste then give our team a call and they’ll be happy to help.

With environmental responsibilities increasing, our scrap metal recycling is the best eco-friendly option when it comes to disposing of your waste. Our dedicated team work hard to ensure that all our non-ferrous waste is either recycled or repurposed, preventing it from going to landfill unnecessarily.

Thankfully, as we’re located centrally in Chelmsford, with another waste transfer site in Clacton, we’re able to offer affordable prices for our scrap metal containers. We have built a strong and trusted reputation within our community and the whole of Essex. We’ll buy all grades of non-ferrous metal offering you competitive prices, unbeatable customer service and knowledge like no other.

If you’d like more information on our non-ferrous scrap metal recycling service then contact our dedicated team on 01245 466646 and they’ll be able to offer advice and help! If you’re looking for regular non-ferrous scrap metal collections then why don’t you open a Trade Account with us to get instant access to our benefits.

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