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Jess Chambers
Mar 13, 2020 5:25:02 PM

When it comes to ordering a skip in Chelmsford, size really does matter.  You wouldn’t want to order something too small and likewise you wouldn’t want to order one that is too big therefore paying more than you need to.  Bear in mind that skips have to be level loaded so this must be considered when choosing your skip sizes.

We’ve put together a handy guide on each of our skip sizes so you can better understand what is suitable for your project.  Skips sizes tend to be measured by capacity in cubic yards however we have also included the actual measurements to help you decide. If you are still unsure of exactly which skip would suit you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

2 Yard Mini Skip
The two cubic yard mini skip is the smallest skip we offer and can hold 20-30 bags of waste. These types of skip are ideal for garden or garage clearances, or when you need to get rid of heavier materials such as soil, stone or bricks.
(Height: 3ft – Length: 6ft – Width: 4ft)

4 Yard Midi Skip
The four cubic yard skip is often ordered for slightly larger projects, as this can hold 30-40 bin bags of rubbish.  This skip is also ideal if you do not have a driveway as it is within council limits for on-road placement.
(Height: 3ft – Length: 8ft 3 – Width: 5ft 3)

6 Yard Small Builders Skip
The six cubic yard skip is great for clearing large amounts of loose, heavy material such as soil, stones or bricks.  These are also known as ‘small builders skips’. They can hold around 50-60 bags of waste. The 6 yard skip is the largest skip we offer when booking for on-road placement.
(Height: 4ft – Length: 8ft 6 – Width: 5ft)

8 Yard Builders Skip
The eight cubic yard skip is perfect for larger home projects such as large garden clearances. This container can hold between 60-80 bin bags of waste. The 8-yard skip can be utilised for clearing out larger bulkier items such as furniture so would also be great for house clearances. Please note, we are not able to place these onto the road as they are outside of the council guidelines.
(Height: 4ft – Length: 12ft – Width: 5ft 6) 

12 Yard Large Builders Skip
The twelve cubic yard skips are high sided containers which are recommended for projects such as large house clearances or the disposal of larger amounts of light construction waste. Please note that these particular skips have a 5-tonne weight limit, so are unsuitable for inert materials such as soil and stone.
(Height: 5ft 6 – Length: 12ft 2 – Width: 5ft 10)

14 Yard Maxi Skip
The fourteen cubic yard maxi skips are ideal for large house clearances, large shop fitting jobs and the disposal of large amounts of light construction waste such as wood, metals or plastics. Like the twelve cubic yard skips, these are also unsuitable for inert materials as they have the same 5-tonne weight limit.
(Height: 6ft – Length: 14ft – Width: 6ft 5)

16 Yard Maxi Skip
The sixteen cubic yard maxi skip is the largest container that we can provide aside from our Roll-on-Roll-off skips. These are generally used for extensive house clearances, end of site clearances and disposal of large amounts of light construction waste such as wood, metals or plastics. Like the 12 and 14 cubic yard skips, these are also unsuitable for inert materials as they have a 5-tonne weight limit.
(Height: 6ft 5, - Length: 13ft 8 – Width: 6ft)

20 Cubic Yard Roll-On Roll-off Container
Our twenty cubic yard Roll-On Roll-off Containers are recommended for demolition style projects and heavier material disposal such as bricks, rubble, soil and stone. These skips are low sided, so ideal for spaces with lower height restrictions and ease of loading. The maximum weight permitted within these containers is up to 16 tonnes.
(Height: 4ft 3 – Length: 20ft – Width: 7ft 9)

40 Cubic Yard Roll-On Roll-off Container
Our 40 Cubic Yard Roll-On Roll-off Containers are fit to handle the largest of clearance projects. Being double the height of our 20-yard Roll-On Roll-off Containers, they can hold the equivalent of over 440 bin bags. For ease of loading, all our 40-yard Roll-On Roll-off Containers are fitted with a door. The weight limit on these containers stands at 16-tonnes, so is unsuitable for a level load of loose heavy materials.
(Height: 8ft 2 – Length: 20ft – Width: 7ft 9)


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