Dunmow Group Launches Bulk Liquid Tanker Hire & Collection Service

Charlotte Fox
Feb 16, 2023 8:59:56 AM

At Dunmow Group we take immense pride in the diversity of services we provide to all our domestic and commercial customers. Due to the facilities that we have at our Chelmsford, Colchester and Clacton sites and the skilled and highly knowledgeable teams that we are fortunate to have, we can support all our customers with their waste management requirements. 

From skip hire to hazardous waste treatment, our solutions seek to solve the challenges cost-effectively without compromising service. An area of our business that has seen a surge in demand recently is our bulk liquid collection and treatment service. This has driven further investment in bespoke equipment to support the demands of our ever-growing customer base.


The investment includes the purchase of two brand-new 3300-gallon bulk liquid collection tankers. These are specialist and designed to the exact requirements of the Dunmow Group. Most impressively, the tankers can be loaded, unloaded and transported using our roll-on-roll-off vehicles. They can be positioned and used wherever a customer desires on their site and can even be left on site if necessary.  

The tankers themselves have the capabilities to transport 15000 litres of gully waste, interceptor waste, lagoon water, dredging liquids, drilling waste, septic/cesspit waste and industrial effluents. Furthermore, the tankers are fitted with a 1,000-litre clean water tank, washdown pump and lance enabling effective cleaning once a load has been discharged. They have been designed to be used in compact spaces with the option to be hired, unloaded and left with a customer for a day, week or longer period. These tankers allow Dunmow to be able to offer their customers both collection and treatment of liquid wastes, therefore maximising both responsiveness and flexibility. 


Dunmow Group Launches Bulk Liquid Tanker Hire & Collection Service


With a fully trained, highly skilled and dedicated team of tanker operators, the tankers we can support our customers all over East Anglia, Greater London and further afield for bulk liquid collection to include or exclude the treatment of the waste. Services can be booked to an agreed schedule or offered as and when demand requires to include emergencies. 




From finding the appropriate supplier, it took around 6 months from initial design to building and commissioning the tankers onto the road.


Dan Davies, Head of Water, commented “We are ecstatic to launch this specialist service into the Dunmow Group to support our customer base and inhouse waste liquids treatment capacity. The time we spent researching the tanker, and the considerations that we had to have for our customers, means it was a big investment. As a team, we have seen that it will be greatly beneficial for the Dunmow Group in terms of service offerings. We are looking forward to showcasing what the tankers are capable of and it is something that we will want to share with new and existing customers.”

This service corresponds perfectly with our current liquid treatment centre in Colchester, where our clients can bring their tankers to us where we remove and treat the water waste quickly, efficiently and professionally.


Dunmow Group Launches Bulk Liquid Tanker Hire & Collection Service


Looking for tanker hire or want to dispose of your liquid waste at our site? Get in touch.



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