Dunmow Complete Commercial Clearance Project for Aspen Concepts

Charlotte Fox
May 12, 2023 10:01:26 AM


Dunmow recently completed a commercial clearance project with Aspen Concepts, a Chelmsford-based engineering company that was relocating its factory from Sudbury to Chelmsford. As part of an end-of-tenancy agreement, the factory needed to be returned to the landlord in its original condition, which after 12 years meant a lot of tidying, organising and clearing.


Once all the machinery was cleared, Dunmow was invited to carry out a site visit to help with the commercial clearance. After inspection, the project would include general items such as office equipment and furniture made up of materials such as cardboard, plastic, wood and metal. There was also a bulk of hazardous waste that needed to be specially removed and disposed of:

  • Waste Cleaning Products
  • Fridges
  • WEEE Waste
  • Waste Oils
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Gas Bottles were segregated and sent for further treatment and disposal.

Our team arrived at the factory where we supplied 40-yard roll-on roll-off skips to load all of the bulky waste into. We provided a 4-man team for the day and provided haulage for the hazardous items in our large trucks as our smaller waste collection trucks. The project was successfully completed in less than a day. All of the items and waste that were collected, were taken back to one of our three waste transfer stations across Essex, where we process and recycle up to 100% of the waste. 

You can hire our waste collection trucks on our online shop for any small clearance projects you may have.

If you are in need of support for a commercial clearance, please call us on 01245 466646 or sales@dunmowgroup.com. 

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