Fluorescent Tube Disposal

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Fluorescent Tubing Disposal

When disposing of Florescent tubes, you must remember that they can not be disposed of by regular means due to their mercury content.

In order to ensure that your business or household remains not only compliant but also maintains its environmental responsibility, it is vital that steps are taken for safe disposal.


How to Dispose of Fluorescent Tubing

Incorrect disposal is harmful to:

  • The Environment – If florescent tubes go to landfill, there is the possibility that they will be incinerated, if the mercury inside the tubes is burnt, it will contaminate the environment.
  • Wildlife – If mercury contaminates water supplies, it could have detrimental effects on local wildlife.
  • Humans – there is the possibility of mercury poisoning in humans.

In order to ensure that the florescent tubes are disposed of safely and effectively, you can use our quick and efficient service. We can provide coffin boxes, so that the tubes may be safely transported in our fully licensed caged van, wherein they will be transported to a fully compliant disposal center. Full consignment notes will be provided once the job is complete, as well as a full Waste Transfer Note to prove safe disposal. Please note, we are unable to accept tubes that have been damaged or broken.

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