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We are a fully licensed provider of Asbestos collection, transport and asbestos disposal services across Essex.

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Asbestos Removal Essex

If you need asbestos waste disposal services in Essex, Dunmow Group can help. As one of the only licensed asbestos removal companies in Essex, we’ve been trusted for over 30 years to help domestic and commercial customers dispose of asbestos, safely.

Dunmow Group can dispose of hazardous material, such as local asbestos removal, including bonded asbestos and provide the appropriate consignment notes to our customers. We have licensed facilities and dedicated hazardous skips for commercial asbestos removal and home asbestos removal in Essex.

Our aim is to make disposing of your asbestos as stress-free as we possibly can, we take care of all the paperwork for you and use the proper channels for asbestos removal in Essex. It is imperative that this hazardous waste is dealt with carefully and appropriately.

Licensed Asbestos Removal

Asbestos has been around for thousands of years as it occurs naturally. Production peaked in the mid-1970s due to its multiple uses in products. Some of the products you can find asbestos in is asbestos cement, insulation, automobiles and fire-resistant products.

For many years asbestos was known to cause a hazard to health; however, it wasn’t until 2005 that a complete ban was enforced in the European Union for asbestos containing material. Although the ban was put in place, asbestos has been used for so many years in construction that it means asbestos is still present in most buildings across the UK.

Asbestos Companies in Essex

The dust particles found in asbestos are the primary hazardous factor, therefore it remains relatively dormant if it isn’t disturbed. As the buildings which contain asbestos start to decay, removal of existing asbestos becomes a necessity which requires the safe removal of the asbestos to avoid hazardous dust inhalation.

As the leading asbestos removal company in Essex, you can have full confidence in our team of professionals to ensure the safe collection and asbestos disposal. We will take your hazardous waste to one of our asbestos collection sites for all asbestos-based products. For licensed asbestos removal please give our dedicated bookings team a call on 01245 466646 to find out some more information.


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