Dunmow Group Support Woodham Mortimer Pre-School Summer Fundraiser Goal

Grace Harper
Aug 6, 2020 5:45:00 PM

Covid-19 has been an uncertain time for a lot of businesses both local and corporate, but nothing has been more uncertain than for local charity run pre-school, Woodham Mortimer. Woodham Mortimer pre-school relies heavily on fundraising events and as a result of Covid-19 lost out on funds they would have usually been able to receive through their Summer Fete and Easter Egg Hunt.



Due to Covid-19 safety measures, the pre-school has had to cancel their Easter Egg hunt and Summer Fete which were their biggest fundraising events during the year. In addition to cancelling these they have had to cancel parents quiz night, and potentially their Christmas event depending on the circumstances. 


The children at Woodham Mortimer absolutely thrive being outside in the open, one of their favourite things is playing in the “construction” play area with toy trucks and diggers. With this in mind, Woodham Mortimer had big plans in 2020 with a fundraising goal to be able to move their play area and make it bigger and more exciting for all of the kids to enjoy. Alongside this, the garden was going to be given a small redesign with plans for a new mud kitchen, water wall (pipes and guttering etc) and a new outdoor reading area. 



Dunmow Group have donated Woodham Mortimer pre-school a skip so they could clear out the existing garden of all old, broken toys and features to make room for their new garden and items. With very little options to replace their normal fundraising ways, the committee has set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise the funds through donations, towards the outbuilding. We’re asking our customers if there is any contribution you can make, big or small, the staff and children at Woodham Mortimer would be unbelievably grateful.




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