What is Bulk Liquid Disposal?

Charlotte Fox
Oct 28, 2022 3:16:19 PM

What is liquid waste disposal?

If you generate or remove liquid waste, it is your responsibility as a company to guarantee the appropriate method of disposal. Dealing with liquid waste disposal is vital, as any split waste can easily contaminate land or our water sources such as ponds and rivers which can be harmful to our wildlife. Finding a company to handle your liquid waste ensures that you or the company you work for do not cause any harm to the environment, whilst complying with applicable legislation.

Dunmow Group are able to offer a local service for companies handling non-hazardous liquid waste which can save considerable time and expense, we are fully compliant to the highest standards with the relevant legislation and regulations.

What waste types does Dunmow Group take?

  • Gully Waste - Gully Waste is the water collected that is contaminated with oil/fuel and other debris from outside roadside drains.

  • Interceptor Waste (Oily Water) - Industrial and commercial sites have catch pits that separate oil and water preventing pollution accidents, all commercial businesses like garages are required to have them and they must keep them serviced and emptied regularly.

  • Drilling Waste - Drilling wastes are all materials and chemicals whether they are liquid, or solid associated with the drilling process, including drill cuttings.

  • Water Waste - We can take all water from swimming pools, fishing lakes, ponds, moats and floodwater.

  • Dredging Spoil - Dredge spoil refers to unconsolidated, randomly mixed sediments composed of rock, soil or shell materials extracted and deposited during dredging and dumping activities. 

How can you bring your bulk liquid to us?

Liquid Waste loads big or small can be booked in and tipped at our Colchester facility located on Morses Lane, Brightlingsea, CO7 0SD.

What do we do once we have taken the water waste?

Over a period of time, Dunmow Group have biologically evolved a bacterium that is capable of digesting large quantities of hydrocarbons from oily water of high viscosity. This plant is suitable for the recovery of interceptor wastes and other various types of contaminated water. We have created the ideal environment for friends aerobic bacterial to digest the hydrocarbons as a food source, resulting in 100% contaminated free water.

What do we do with the water after it's been processed?

The clean recycled water is stored on-site, this is then used as the main source of water for our wash plant. This means that there is very little demand for fresh mains water on site, and virtually no wastage.


Why choose Dunmow Group to remove your Liquid Waste?

Dunmow Group has spent over 35 years perfecting their waste management services to ensure a smooth process for customers. During this time we have also worked extremely hard to build a trusted reputation within our local communities. We're proud to think that people within our community trust us to recycle as much of their waste as possible. This ensures you, as the customer that our professional liquid water disposal service is not only being recycled in an environmentally friendly way, we are legally complying with all applicable legislations.

If you have any further questions about water waste service, call our sales team on 01245 466646 or send daniel.davies@dunmowgroup.com an email for any water/liquid waste enquiries.

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