Tillie Wigger appointed as Head of Talent & Commercial at Dunmow Group

Grace Harper
Jul 6, 2020 4:34:26 PM

Here at Dunmow Group we are pleased to announce our newest team member, Tillie Wigger.

Tillie will be joining us as Head of Talent and Commercial, she will be looking after the HR and company commercial and legal issues.

Tillie’s main role will be primarily around staff and personal development whilst guiding our staff to achieve their goals.

Tillie has a law degree from the University of East London and is a registered Associate Member of CILEx with a vast range of experience throughout the UK and Middle East. We’re fortunate that Tillie’s experience covers a wide range of industries, from private clients and medium sized businesses, to international oil and gas service companies, national military and defense business, and contractors.

Tillie has experience focusing on both general corporate and commercial legal advisory services including corporate set-ups and joint venture arrangements in the UAE and the Middle East (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, and Bahrain). She also has specialist knowledge on international dispute resolution, focused on complex arbitration disputes involving the real estate and construction industries, as well as corporate shareholder disputes and general commercial and corporate disputes.

Whilst in Dubai Tillie played rugby for the Dubai Hurricanes and was able to win the UAE Women's Rugby Sevens Series Championship before deciding to come and join us here at Dunmow Group. She’s currently looking for another Rugby team to join here in the UK, to continue her Rugby success.

We wish Tillie the best of success in her new role and look forward to her sharing the extensive experience she has gained.


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