Richard Mead Celebrates 20 Years With Dunmow Group

Simon George
May 19, 2020 2:22:13 PM

Our skip lorry driver, Richard Mead, this week celebrates 20 years’ service with Dunmow Group, so we thought we would throw him a little surprise.

The beginning of the new millennium seems an eternity ago. When Y2k was front of mind, sporting hopefuls had their sights set on the Sydney Olympic games and Snake was the game of the moment on our Nokia phones.

But when looking back to the year 2000, what stands out to us here at Dunmow Group is that is when our colleague Richard Mead joined the company.

Richard got quite the surprise this week when, as part of his 20th anniversary celebration, he took delivery of a brand new Volvo FL250 skip truck.  Not only will this make Richards job easier and his time on the road more comfortable, but we found him the perfect personalised number plate with his initials and number of years’ service, RM20 DWM.

Sam Malins, CEO commented: “Richard started with Dunmow Group at the same time I did and we’ve both grown with the business. Over the years, he has shown complete dedication to the job and is an extremely good skip truck driver. He loves his older trucks but this brand new top of the range vehicle will make his job much easier so is well deserved after all these years of service.”

Richard also received a bottle of bubbly to enjoy over the Bank Holiday and a 3 night break to the Lake District, which he is planning with his wife as they enjoy walking together.

Richard commented: “This was a great gesture to celebrate 20 years with Dunmow.  The new skip truck is amazing and it’s great that we specify remote control as standard, which speeds up my job and makes the skip delivery much safer. Hopefully I’ll still be going in another 20 years!”

We really look forward to the prospect of Richard continuing to deliver skips across Essex for many years to come and again wish him many congratulations on this amazing milestone.


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