Road Sweepings Recycling

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Road Sweepings Recycling

Companies that offer road sweeping and gully cleaning services know the pain of trying to dispose of the waste products into a landfill. Over the years the cost to use landfills has continued to increase, the option of recycling your waste is becoming more attractive for businesses. Not only that, but as environmental responsibilities continue to increase for businesses across the planet, being able to extract these valuable materials is becoming more important than ever.

Dunmow Group are able to process road sweeping and gully waste to remove the contamination through density separation, attrition and high-pressure washing techniques. We offer bespoke solutions to our customers depending on the amount of waste it is they’re looking to recycle and what contamination is present within the waste.

Road Sweeper Waste Disposal

Our road sweepings and gully waste solutions mean that our customers are able to divert the vast majority of their waste going to landfill unnecessarily. By choosing to recycle this waste our customers landfill costs go down dramatically, and for some completely eliminated. The by-products which are created from this process are then able to be reused in other services.

If you choose to use our road sweepings and gully waste recycling service then you are making an active choice to sustainable business practices whilst reducing their costs. If you’d like further information on this service then give our dedicated team a call on 01245 466646 to find out some more information.

If you'd like further information on our gully waste recycling solutions then give our dedicated team a call on 01245 466646 to get more information.