Contaminated Soil Disposal 

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Contaminated Dirt Disposal

If you find that you have contaminated soil on your site, Dunmow Group are on hand to deal with the removal of contaminated soils from site clear up operations using a variety of skips. Here at Dunmow Group we have a range of skips in different sizes and tipper/grab hire lorries of 15-18 tonnes.

Our dedicated team are on hand to help through each part of the process, from initial testing and pre-acceptance through to the final treatment and disposal. Thankfully, our entire process is landfill tax exempt and you can relax knowing our facilities are fully licensed meaning our customers get to benefit from substantial savings. 

Once you have received your Environmental Site Analysis results, our management team will then decide the levels of contamination present on your site and manage the appropriate recycling, or disposal facilities for your waste.

Don’t worry, we’ll arrange all necessary hazardous waste paperwork for you so you can be reassured that you meet the necessary compliance standards.

Dunmow Group are also able to provide the clean inert infill materials to restore sites following clean-up operations. We have a selection of materials to suit this purpose.

We also offer a range of virgin and secondary aggregates which can be delivered to you in either full or part loads using our grab hire or tipper hire vehicles.

You can see what aggregates we have on offer HERE.

If you're interested in our contaminated soil disposal service call us on 01245 466646 and we'd be happy to help.