500 Customer Reviews for Dunmow Group

Charlotte Fox
Mar 16, 2021 1:32:26 PM

You, our loyal customers, have left us 500 reviews on reviews.co.uk. What a fantastic achievement for us at Dunmow Group. Being given feedback by you on all of the different services we offer is so important to us. It ensures we can improve and keep up our incredible customer service that you all love. Our customer service team are always committed to providing clear and consistent advice, showing that we are a responsible and professional waste management company. 


The five-star rating, averaging at 93% gave reviews full of positive feedback. The most used phrases within the reviews were ‘helpful, highly recommended, excellent service, efficient and friendly’ - it's great to know we are doing it right and hearing you appreciate the type of service we love to provide! Even with this amazing feedback, we are always striving to do better and so we welcome all feedback - it shapes us into the company we are today and allows us to improve wherever we can. We will always take the time to reach out and respond to our customers to resolve any issues.


"Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with excellent customer service, and to us, this is a top priority. We pride ourselves on delivering a faultless service and giving 100% at all times. Customer feedback and recommendations mean everything"


With our unbeatable customer service, we have quickly become leaders in waste management services for Essex. We are a forward-thinking company with great innovation and wish to continually improve. With that in mind, we listened to the feedback you provided and have recently added an online booking feature to the website, enabling our customers to book a skip in three easy steps. So don’t hesitate to share what you want from us!


500 Reviews - Screenshot


At our Chelmsford call centre, in the last month alone, we have taken just under 6,000 calls! With less than a 40 second wait time and an email/WhatsApp response time in just under an hour, it’s numbers like these that put us above the rest. If you have previously used our services, don’t forget to leave us a review. As you can tell, it’s important to us what you think of Dunmow Group.

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