Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our service and status page for all updates regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please see below for all information and service updates.


All services operating normally.

Keeping Safe With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Below are some of the measures we have put in place. There are a number of blog posts at the bottom of the page designed to keep our customers up to date.  If you have any questions about our services during this difficult period please contact 01245 466646.
Thank you to all our customers during these difficult times.

As a key industry we have put our emergency plans into action. Our plan ensures that we keep our services running whilst ensuring we keep our employees, customer, and suppliers safe. We are actively following the guidance at Coronavirus.Gov


Contactless Delivery

Our drivers operate a totally paperless delivery system. Your signature is not required a picture will be taken as proof of delivery. This is following regulations issued by the government regarding Covid-19.


Driver Distancing

Our drivers no longer come into contact with anyone at our facilities. Keys and vehicles are not shared between drivers. If a driver swap is necessary the lorry and keys are disinfected and cleaned before handover.


PPE & Cleaning

All our staff have the latest in PPE equipment and our facilities are being deep cleaned on a regular basis where possible.


Social Distancing

Regular training is being given to all members of staff on distancing requirements set out by the government. Breaches of this guidance will not be tolerated.


Please see below any company updates regarding COVID-19.