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Dunmow Group actively purchase catalytic converters for recycling. Based in Essex we will pay competitive prices for scrap automotive parts.

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Catalytic Converter Buyers

Dunmow Group buy scrap automotive parts for recycling across Essex and catalytic converters are one of our priority acquisitions.

As the most trusted and well established recycling operators in Essex with over 30 years of experience, our reputation for a professional service and paying competitive prices has been built over many years.

Scrap catalytic converters tend to be one of the more valuable automotive parts for recycling due to there composition and therefore command good prices. We’ll happily collect your scrap catalytic converters for recycling or you can deliver them directly to us and you will be assured of an honest price.

Dunmow Group are in a position to purchase small or large quantities of scrap catalytic converters and pay competitive prices in Essex due to the volume we recycle.

If you would like to discuss pricing for your scrap catalytic converters, please call our dedicated team on 01245 444888 who will be happy to provide you with a price.


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Catalytic Converter Prices Essex

Dunmow Group actively purchase scrap automotive parts, including catalytic converters.

If you are a garage or waste collection business and have a supply of automotive parts for recycling, please get in touch today where we can not only offer you great prices but also provide instant payment, a trusted relationship and fast and efficient collection and disposal.

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