My First Impressions of Dunmow Group

Grace Harper
Jul 15, 2020 12:15:00 PM

For just under a year I worked for a small Digital Agency based in Billericay. My job role was to ensure that our clients marketing strategies were up to scratch and that they were performing well in their Search Engine Results. During my time I worked with multiple clients in a variety of sectors and from doing this I found I was able to gauge a picture of how most businesses work. When I accepted the job offer here at Dunmow Group I was convinced I knew how the company would work, look and generally be. It turns out I was doing Dunmow Group a huge injustice.

One thing that I underestimated when I joined Dunmow Group as a Digital Marketing Executive was the size of the site, and the operation Dunmow Group runs 6 days a week. Walking towards the weighbridge you could assume the yard, located behind it, would be of similar size to the cabin. However, to my surprise, I found a huge open space in front of me. Even though Dunmow Group specialise in waste management and removing people’s waste, their yard was tidier than I ever could have imagined which was complimented by a road sweeper cleaning the site.


It also became clear from the onset that there is an emphasis on improving the yard and the waste management technologies that are used. New concrete is currently being laid to ensure the safety of Dunmow Group’s employees and to ensure that the site can continue to cope with the continuous heavy vehicle traffic.

The improvements don’t just stop at the yard, their offices (located around the corner) have also been refurbished which accommodates Dunmow Group’s dedicated Transport and Sales teams. There is a huge emphasis on improving the technology they're using, supporting their employees in whatever way they can, and they are always looking for new ways to work and improve.

Continuing with the tour it was great to see the picking line in action, it’s no lie that when people think of skip companies we all might choose to turn a blind eye to where our waste is ending up. But, with Dunmow Group you just know that managing consumers’ waste in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner is of the utmost importance to them. Their dedicated team of sorters were hard at work as I watched, sorting through our rubbish to ensure that anything that can be recycled is sorted into the correct area. It was refreshing to hear my colleagues acknowledge that it is their job to help minimise the negative impact waste can have on the environment.


Walking through the new offices you wouldn’t think this was home to a local skip hire company, Dunmow Group have gone above and beyond to show that they are so much more than that and that they have evolved from the small family business that began in 1987. At Dunmow Group's core they are a family run business who cares about their employees. Their goal and mission is to be a sustainable and responsible waste management company who can fulfil any waste requirement needs, it is clear that their choices of investment over the years have enabled them to be successful in this goal resulting in Dunmow Group becoming one of the biggest key players within the waste removal sector. 

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